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4 Ways to Fertilize Dry and Barren Soil in Agriculture

Soil is a media most frequently used by farmers to plant various types of crops. However, there are other kinds of farming that doesn’t use as their media for example hydroponic farming, aquaponics farming, etc.

In soil, we can find a lot of important nutrients to protect so they can be beneficial for plants around the area. Most of the times, dry, barren soil tend to get left as it is, dry and barren. This causes the nutrients in it to diminish due to the lack of proper care and optimized use. So, if you find land around you with dry and barren soil, it is best for you to optimize it by planting various vegetables and fruits and making your own garden.

Fruitful curly red chili trees on fine soil. (Wahid Priyo)

The best way to achieve fertile soil from dry, barren soil is to first harrow said soil until you get finer, looser, clump free soil. Then you may try to plant some cassava trees for the first nine months. After that, you may try to plant your desired vegetables and fruits. Remember, patience is key; but if you don’t have a lot of time, you may try to plant your vegetables and fruits directly after some harrowing without the cassava trees planting for nine months.

Here are more steps and tips to achieve fertile soil from dry, barren soil:

     1.     Planting Secondary Crops

Planting secondary crops is very useful, especially planting legume and nut plants like peanuts, peas, long beans, etc. They are especially useful because their root nodules have Rhizobium leguminosarum bacteria that can fixate on free Nitrogen in the air. Moreover, Rhizobium leguminosarum bacteria has been proven to help transform farmland from dry and barren soil to fertile soil so it is important to plant legume and nut plants in order to achieve this.

     2.     Mixing Soil with Organic Fertilizer

Besides step one, don’t forget to add organic fertilizer from cattle manure at the beginning of planting your crops for optimum result. This can be done, for example, at the land processing phase. Organic fertilizer from cattle manure has been proven to supply certain important nutrients in soil for crops’ growth and development like Nitrogen, Magnesium, Potassium, and Calcium.

     3.     Implementing Crop Rotation System

Crop rotation system is a proven method that helps soil regeneration from dry and barren to fertile. Crop rotation system is planting various types of crops periodically so that the soil’s fertile quality is protected. For example, the first three months is dedicated to planting peanuts, next months for corns, cassavas, and other secondary crops.

     4.     Doing Crop Intensification, Extensification, and Diversification.

Intensification and extensification of crops have been proven to fertilize farmland soil because in its utilization, we are still watchful of the effects they have on the environment, including intense supervising on the use of pesticide and non-organic fertilizer.

I hope this information has been useful for you.

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4 Ways to Fertilize Dry and Barren Soil in Agriculture
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