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5 Tips to Choose High Quality Seeds

Choosing good and high quality seeds is not an easy task. The knowledge of knowing and choosing good and high quality seeds over the average or bad ones is important because of course, the harvest will say it all later on.

Crop seeds can be obtained through two ways: generatively or vegetatively through stem transplants, implants, crouching, grafting, bud grafting, stolon, stem cuttings, etc.

High Quality Chili Seedlings
High Quality Chili Seedlings (Wahid Priyo)

Actually, you can acquire your seeds straight through buying them at your local seed sellers or even through a special agribusiness agents that provide certain seeds you need.

Before buying your seeds, either generative or vegetative, it’s important to control and pay attention to the products you are going to buy, certain things to look out for are:

  1. Actual seeds that are still in their little plastic containers should still be sealed well and perfectly, plus, make sure to check their expiration dates
  2. Get your seeds from widely trusted kiosks or agents with good credibility. If you buy them straight from farmers, look for professional ones for they are the ones who understand best about the characteristics of high quality seeds
  3. If you get your seeds through vegetative ways, make sure your seedlings are well and check the stems, roots, and other organs to be sure they are well, not destroyed, and free from pests, diseases, and toxins.
  4. High quality seeds will drown in water instead of floating
  5. Make sure you choose seeds from good varieties.
So, those were the ways you can do to make sure you get your high quality seeds. Good luck!

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5 Tips to Choose High Quality Seeds
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